The children love puppets in our language lessons
The children love puppets in our language lessons
The children love language classes , especially the puppets !
The children love language classes , especially the puppets ! 

Some of our  Jumping Beans Team



 Martin is a professional Guitarist and performer as well as a teacher in Secondary schools

'He currently works as a main support worker at a local college mentoring  young creative people and supporting them during music/ drama and dance classes. All of the pupils  mentored have special educational needs and various learning disabilities




Laurie is a language Graduate who  has taught French all over the world and runs Cookery classes taught in French

She has extensive experience teaching in Early Years Settings and has Montessori training

She is a delightful and fun teacher 

Sean Brennan

Singer and Guitarist

I have been a musician for many years and I believe I have the qualities of a good teacher. I am patient, understanding, punctual, hardworking, reliable, honest and easy going.
I play Guitar and Ukelele and perform in my own band at weekends

Some more of our  Jumping Beans Team




I’m a singer and multi-instrumentalist playing the piano, ukulele, euphonium, recorder and basic guitar with 11 years of experience teaching singing, theory and accompanying children within schools and at home.

I am a patient and approachable person with a passion for music and a drive to encourage children’s enjoyment of music. 

I specialise in teaching harmony skills and leading vocal ensembles and have volunteered within a special educational school and have experience working with different abilities and behavioural needs which has helped me engage children creatively and share my passion for music. 

Hanna Fernandez

Guitarist & Spanish teacher


I teach Music lessons , singing, piano and even conducting a children choir and am a Spanish so teach with Spanish in a fun way

Also, I have volunteered in summer camps and and holiday clubs as a supervisor and helper



Kelvin Lui

French, Mandarin and Spanish teacher


Kelvin is a Multi linguist teaching Mandarin with a lovely Panda puppet and games, Spanish and French

"Being a postgraduate student studying linguistics, teaching languages to children is even more rewarding as from my experience, they  respond  to fun activities in in learning Mandarin and other languages and are able to become creative in using expressions I have taught them after being exposed to it for a short period of time.

Our Team



I love to teach French because I really enjoy  being surrounded by “les petits choux” They are really adorable at this young age and I believe that this is the time when they discover the world and they have  amazing abilities to learn and absorb a lot of new information Equally as a French native and as young child, I was discovering different way of teaching, through repetition but in a fun way which is very much representative of Jumping Beans.

NICOLAS de Chastenay 


I teach guitar lessons (one to one and groups) to students from 3 to 40 and English tutoring to French children , I have been giving French tutoring to English children. Music is an important part of how I like to teach, we usually translate songs and sing them together, at this age it is about discovery rather than technical matters and I think that speaking should be the main focus. I find working with children very interesting as it is a challenge to keep them focused and keep the experience enjoyable. 




Abby has a master’s degree in Chinese literature, and she has taught Mandarin, Chinese, and music in primary schools in Hong Kong for over twenty years.  She also holds Trinity College London’s LTCL diploma in vocal performance. 

Abby has a passion working with children and always enjoy their company.  She has been conducting and organising children’s choirs, children’s orchestra/ensembles, and children’s musicals.      

Yet even more !


French and Music Teacher /Guitarist

Since completing my studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2004 I have been following two careers: opera singing and teaching. For almost ten years I taught French at Abercorn School, an independent primary school in Saint John’s Wood. Here I was able to successfully develop my own teaching method and resources as there was nothing suitable available for the very young age group (2 to 6 years old) I was working with. I organised school trips to the French Institute in London and to bakeries! Alongside my teaching I continue to sing opera, performing in a variety of productions both in the UK and in France. I am currently a French private tutor based in South East London. I also run a French after-school club three times a week. I teach music at a school in North London for half-term every year.



I feel very excited working as a Jumping Beans teacher/entertainer
Not only have I been a musician and obsessive music fan my whole life, but over the past two years in various educational roles I have discovered a love for teaching and working with young people. When teaching small groups as a Teaching Assistant, I have always wanted my sessions to be entertaining and engaging, encouraging students to have fun and express themselves, and I have found that when I have been successful in doing so the sessions have been very satisfying for me

Michael Elliott

Music and Movememt teacher


In 2006, at the age of twenty, I studied music and production at The London Centre of Contemporary Music, 

I have been involved in various musical projects including a seven month stint aboard a cruise ship .I enjoy  writing children's

 stories. I have taught guitar and bass to primary school aged children in the past and have played music, in care homes, to the elderly.

I believe music is a great form of therapy as well as bringing much joy to peoples lives, which is why I’m very happy to be helping, in children’s early development, through music.

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