The children love puppets in our language lessons
The children love puppets in our language lessons

Some of our  Jumping Beans Team



I’m an uncle 10 times and always enjoyed entertaining my nieces and nephews and teaching them new things. I am also bilingugual and am a fluent French speaker

I’ve also been a professional singer for the past 15 years

I am a professional guitarist and teach rhythm exercises and dances and make  percussion instruments

I've always had a great interest in acting. Throughout my years of education, I've jumped on every opportunity I've had to act. I've studied acient roman and greek theatre, and had acting workshops for 3 years. I also played in several theatre productions from an early age.
Additional skills:
I speak 3 languages (English, French and Italian) all with a native accent.
Additional information:
I'm a talented singer, songwritter, lyricist, and have been in several bands for the past 5 years.




Laoise is a highly talented Graduate in SPEECH AND DRAMA and a sklilled musician

She speaks 3 languages and has lots of experience teaching Early Years

Laoaise is a highly talented sing, musician and actor She has taught as a Music specialist at Bright Horizons nursery, running music sessions and classes for children from age 6 months to 6 years. Early years music education teacher at Keys & Strings Music School, teaching music theory and appreciation to children age 3-7, also following the Little Mozarts programme and the Music Medals programme.

'I am passionate about working with children and inspiring a love and positive relationship with music within them. As a musical theatre performer, I love entertaining and providing an environment where children and parents can learn, grow and have fun with music. I find it very fulfilling to be a part of building a child’s confidence and connection to music and expression.'



Sean Brennan

Singer and Guitarist

I have been a musician for many years and I believe I have the qualities of a good teacher. I am patient, understanding, punctual, hardworking, reliable, honest and easy going.
I play Guitar and Ukelele and perform in my own band at weekends

Some more of our  Jumping Beans Team

Singing from memory

Real guitarists with lots of instruments for everyone

 We provide fantastic professional musicians to bring their guitar and songs to Care homes and other settings

We sing songs for all generations of popular music and every programme is provided that suits your own particular setting and song choice 


I worked in a music school as a singing teacher. How to approach to chords and rhythms

I love working with kids, you can learn a lot from them. And I think that music is a really healthy way to educate them.




Kelvin Lui

French, Mandarin and Spanish teacher


Kelvin is a Multi linguist teaching Mandarin with a lovely Panda puppet and games, Spanish and French

"Being a postgraduate student studying linguistics, teaching languages to children is even more rewarding as from my experience, they  respond  to fun activities in in learning Mandarin and other languages and are able to become creative in using expressions I have taught them after being exposed to it for a short period of time.

Our Team



SYIRONA  is a very talented Musician and Linguist

      and mother of a young toddler

She has taught all ages up to GSCE and above 

She has also 

helped  with choir arrangements and goals,

including choosing songs and parts.

Planned and performed in music shows.

Led the choir

Arranged group sessions for music lessons

She plays a wide variety of Musical instruments:

Ukelele, standard piano, drumming, rhythm, guitar, singing                

B flat flute, guitar, drums and voice.




Ronja is the Co-founder and actor at Knickers Theatre, a comedy clown theatre company.
She plays Guitar and Ukelele and has a  Bachelor of Arts Degree , World Performance, East 15 Acting School, University of Essex, 2:1



 I conducted music groups in the last school I worked at (Treehouse School), where I taught children with Autism about features of music. I focused the sessions on dynamics, stopping and starting, tempo and listening for specific sounds (e.g., specific instruments).

I have also used the national curriculum for Maths and English to teach phonics and maths for a reception class – comprising of SEN children. In addition, I have experience teaching guitar to KS2 students at afterschool clubs.

Our Team



Niall is a talented professional graduating from York University in Music with a BA in writing directing and performing




I worked as a nanny for approximately 5 years working with children between the ages of 10 months and 8 years old.

I have previously worked for a music 

teaching business and Clip Theatre running music and movement sessions as well as birthday parties.


I ran my own parent/toddler online zoom sing along sessions during the pandemic.

I am currently an after school ukulele and musicianship teacher to students as young as 4 years old  and upwards.




Abby has a master’s degree in Chinese literature, and she has taught Mandarin, Chinese, and music in primary schools in Hong Kong for over twenty years.  She also holds Trinity College London’s LTCL diploma in vocal performance. 

Abby has a passion working with children and always enjoy their company.  She has been conducting and organising children’s choirs, children’s orchestra/ensembles, and children’s musicals.      

Yet even more !


Music Teacher /Guitarist

I love music and children so working in entertaining and teaching music and movement to kids would be a perfect combination. I have gone through drama school education in which movement, choreography, music and facilitation were a big part and through this experience I’ve found that I really enjoy and can excel in this kind of work 

I have taught gymnastics: easy and safe jumps onto a padded surface, making sure everyone waits for their turn and knows how the exercise is done safely and while having fun. I have taught a korean song to a classroom of 20, this was done by sitting on the ground in an organised manner and going through the song line by line. I have also run numerous sports warm-up exercises for a variety of ages and class-sizes.





Howard has a BA honours degree in French and is a Private English and French Tutor

Has experience ssisting GCSE students with French grammar, syntax, pronunciation and exam preparation.
Assisting GCSE students with English grammar, syntax and exam preparation
French conversation expert
Tutoring adults in French conversation and grammar

 Primary school French Teacher

Planning and conducting French lessons in class. 
Planning and preparing lesson for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6
Made pre-recorded lessons online for the pupils to use in school or at home (due to Covid-19 restrictions)


Michael Elliott

Music and Movememt teacher


In 2006, at the age of twenty, I studied music and production at The London Centre of Contemporary Music, 

I have been involved in various musical projects including a seven month stint aboard a cruise ship .I enjoy  writing children's

 stories. I have taught guitar and bass to primary school aged children in the past and have played music, in care homes, to the elderly.

I believe music is a great form of therapy as well as bringing much joy to peoples lives, which is why I’m very happy to be helping, in children’s early development, through music.

Our Team





I have been involved in Youth Work and After School and Holiday Playschemes
 I was employed as the Senior Youth Worker at the Kenton Maccabi Youth Centre 7 and worked as a Playleader at local schools part time Work Experience Senior Youth Worker Kenton Maccabi Jewish Youth Club / Milk and Honey After School and School Holiday Club - Kenton January 1995 to May 2011 I was appointed Senior Youth Worker at the Kenton Maccabi Jewish Youth Club 
I have had many years entertaining children and adults and have completed formal training in this field


Singer /Musician

Charlie is a highly talented artist and singer as as well as a fluent Spanish speaker
She is studying for a Bachelor of Arts: Music Production & Songwriting BIMM London •Presented a songwriting workshop for prospective students wanting to start their music career present London •Performed for music production students in multiple studio•President of the BIMM Brighton Singing Society during COVID-19. History of Art & Film Studies City & Islington Sixth Form •Head of the choir, playing at college-lead  •Showcasing creation of art during open days 
•Directed a short film for a professional brief
 •Lead my own workshops, teaching children how to sing and play the ukulele and guitar


Account Manager

 Teaching assistant St Bede's Catholic College  Bristol, UK Assisting mathematics teachers in teaching activities (volunteer work). Chinese & Mathematics
 Class teacher) Kang Chiao International School East China 08/2016 - 08/2017, The class teacher in Grade 3, responsible for the teaching(18 lessons per week), plus responsibility for learner social skills Teaching students Chinese, Mathematics, Morality and society,students' science research. The honour of Excellent Civilisation Class (only one in each grade per year) Research teacher and Chinese Second Language teacher Kang Chiao International School East China

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