We are sorry that our Music and Language sessions have had to stop due to the Coronavirus As soon as the Country is back to normal we will be recommencing our lessons During the interrim why not order our Music Resources so that you can use them while you are running skeleton sessions for Key Workers? We are also starting Recorded Fun Music and Dance and Language sessions so if you have a limited budget when you reopen this will fill the gap and be much cheaper Ask us for more details !
We are sorry that our Music and Language sessions have had to stop due to the CoronavirusAs soon as the Country is back to normal we will be recommencing our lessonsDuring the interrim why not order our Music Resources so that you can use them while you are running skeleton sessions for Key Workers?We are also starting Recorded Fun Music and Dance and Language sessions so if you have a limited budget when you reopen this will fill the gap and be much cheaper Ask us for more details !

Some of our  Jumping Beans Team


 If you are missing classes due to the nursery closure ask us and we will find an online teacher for you 
Just gather a minimum of 8 other parents and call us 

Music or  Languages 




. Neng is a Chinese/Japanese National and a fluent speaker of English

He is a Fun Mandarin teacher using a Dragon Puppet and many more props. Neng loves working with children and they find his lessons Fun and Exciting 

Sean Brennan

Singer and Guitarist

I have been a musician for many years and I believe I have the qualities of a good teacher. I am patient, understanding, punctual, hardworking, reliable, honest and easy going.
I play Guitar and Ukelele and perform in my own band at weekends


Greg Gottleib


Greg has extensive experience teaching and playing Guitar, ukulele, bass, drums, piano and is Course director for the Guilhall Junior Jazz and Rock week among many other academic music programmes 
'I’ve always enjoyed working in music engagement programs for young children. I love sharing
the joy of music and children at that age are so receptive to the thrill of sound, movement and energy! I also love speaking Spanish and teaching languages, and Jumping Beans offers the beautiful opportunity to combine those two passions. My teaching style is very visual, fun and engaging, and that seems to align with the Jumping Beans ethos !



Alyssa is an amazing singer and vocalist in her own band

She is the Lead singer in an internationally known function band covering pop, rock and soul hits from the 60’s to current tunes! 
She teaches piano to all ages and loves getting kids to dance

Marco Capo


Marco is a fabulous Guitarist with Drive and Energy and he puts 100% into his Fun sesisons and the children love him !#

He says this:I believe

Music is important for children not only to have fun, but also to develop their social and emotional skills. In this particular case I think Jumping Beans have a unique and cutting edge approach to achieve the best result for toddlers to develop their cognitive abilities and learning skills.

Some more of our  Jumping Beans Team

Tim Sanders

Saxophonist and Brass player


Tim has spent most of his musical life as a session musician, recording and arranging horns for many high profile international artists. He and his team continue to record from his South London studio, recent clients including Little Mix, Paloma Faith and the Afro Celt Sound System. He also works as an accompanist for the Royal Ballet School’s Primary Steps programme and performs regularly with a wide variety of live bands.



Anna Scott

Guitarist, French teacher and dancer

.Anna was born in Paris and is a singer, ballet and tap dancer, choreographer, songwriter and musician Classically trained as a child in both singing and dancing, both of her parents being opera singers and musicians, Anna made her first appearance on stage at the age of three, and hasn’t stopped performing since. Anna has been teaching and coaching students, dancers, actors, singers, of all ages  and is a vibrant Jumping Beans teacher 

Kelvin Lui

French, Mandarin and Spanish teacher


Kelvin is a Multi linguist teaching Mandarin with a lovely Panda puppet and games, Spanish and French

"Being a postgraduate student studying linguistics, teaching languages to children is even more rewarding as from my experience, they  respond  to fun activities in in learning Mandarin and other languages and are able to become creative in using expressions I have taught them after being exposed to it for a short period of time.

Yet even more !

Fun at home


Sing to your little ones at home ! Use our Yellow Kangaroo Music packs for songs and printoffs 

Luca Cannizzo

Spanisih and Music and Movement teacher with Break Dance and Hip  Hop

Luca is a multi-talented teacher and Musician who can teach Spanish with Games and puppets and also play Guitar and Break Dance 

He has an extraordinary ability to stand

sideways !

He has always loved working with children and would be a fantastic asset to your Nursery Setting

Michael Elliott

Music and Movememt teacher


In 2006, at the age of twenty, I studied music and production at The London Centre of Contemporary Music, 

I have been involved in various musical projects including a seven month stint aboard a cruise ship .I enjoy  writing children's

 stories. I have taught guitar and bass to primary school aged children in the past and have played music, in care homes, to the elderly.

I believe music is a great form of therapy as well as bringing much joy to peoples lives, which is why I’m very happy to be helping, in children’s early development, through music.

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